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Russian Open 2012

Team Land Rover siegt in Moskau

Alexis Rodzianko (-1), Misha Rodzianko (+2), Egor Zaostrovtsev (0) und Alejandro Traverso (+5) vom Team Land Rover sind die Sieger der Russian Open 2012. Team Moscow Polo Club mit Hernan Traverso... » mehr
Russian Polo Cup 2012

Team Moscow Polo Club siegt

Das Team Moscow Polo Club ist Sieger des 7. Argentina Cup im Moscow Polo Club. Mit einem durchaus knappen 9:8 gewannen die Vier gegen das Team Tseleevo Polo. Pro Team gingen je vier Spieler an den... » mehr

The Russian Open at Moscow Polo Club

On the weekend of the 20th-21st August, four teams competed for the title of Russian Open champion (an official event of the Federation of Russian Polo Players) which featured members of both the... » mehr

<em>Team Mate wins the Argentina Cup</em>

On June 5th, the Argentine Embassy in Moscow hosted the Argentina Polo Cup 2011 at the Moscow Polo Club. Four hundred guests witnessed the semi final and final matches of the tournament in... » mehr

<em>Moscow Polo Club 2011</em>

Moscow Polo Club has just released details of their 2011 season, which gets underway on the 14th May. The two major tournaments will once again be the Russian Open on the 21-22nd August and the... » mehr

<em>Russian Open declared a draw between Land Rover and Ahmad Tea</em>

Sunday 29th August 2010 saw the Finals of the Russian Polo Open, held at the Moscow Polo Club in Tseleevo, 45 kms from Moscow. Sponsored by Land Rover, Beluga Vodka and Ahmad Tea, the event was... » mehr