The new La Martina boots from Argentinean polo fields. A limited edition of 100 pieces handmade by Argentinean boot masters for top European retailers.

Carlos – Argentinean boot master who works for La Martina – got this request a thousand times from riders, who look for more comfortable shoes as they hop off their horses to move around the field and collect their winnings, of course without compromising their impeccable style.

Hence the origin of La Martina cortos, a revised version of stiff and heavy polo boots, which are shortened to the ankle and feature a lighter structure, making it easier to walk. At the same time, however, they preserve the distinctive qualities of original riding boots, as they come from the same workshop that makes professional footwear for polo players: same type of leather, same zip, which allows for even easier fitting in this shorter version, same rubber sole that makes Cortos flexible and lightweight. To top off their unmistakable style, Cortos feature lateral rubber strips that come in the same deep yellow as the rubber used for professional boots to protect polo players from the heavy blows received during games. Finally, while professional boots are by no means versatile, La Martina short boots are also perfect for riding. The trick is to just fasten the spur attached to a removable strip of leather. This is precisely how Argentinean polo players solve the problem when they have to try new horses – which they frequently do – but don’t have their professional boots with them. Cortos are perfect for walking as well as driving and riding.

“After spending many years in Buenos Aires to study the habits of polo players and ‘spy’ the tricks of boot masters – said Mr. Enrico Paniccià, CEO of Giano, the Marche company that manufactures and distributes La Martina footwear – I could no longer hold back my project of bringing these beautiful, authentic boots that originated in polo fields to Europe.”

And so for the first time Giano is distributing in Europe 100 numbered pairs of cortos, handmade by La Martina boot masters and intended for top retailers. In addition, to innovate traditional craftsmanship, the company will expand the range by manufacturing the same model of Cortos in its own workshops, promising to maintain all the distinctive features of the original hand-made boot.


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