The 2015 polo season in Milan has started successfully with the 4th edition of the tournament “Coppa Svizzera”. Team Hublot became winner of the tournament after defeating Elite / Svizzera Turismo by 7-5 in an enthralling game.

Five teams with handicaps of 4-6 goals participated in the international tournament. The event was organised by Milano Polo Club in cooperation with the Swiss Consulate General in Italy and with the support of the National Association Army of Cavalry and the Argentinian label La Martina, leading outfitter in the sport of polo and official supplier of the club. The players wore the Argentinian brand and they also used its technical equipment.

Many sponsors and partners supported the event: Zurich, Svizzera Turismo, Elite, Suisse Cheese, Swiss International AirLines, Bernina Express, Ricola, Lindt & Sprüngli SpA, Nestlé Motta, Nespresso, NW Engineering e Datawebservice. In addition to the firm institutional partners of the season like Hublot, Unopiù, San Pellegrino and Bonsaglio, this year we will also see the CONI – Comitato Regionale Lombardia, CittàExpo and FISE – Comitato Lombardia. The involvement of the Argentinian Restaurant in Milan El Porteño was restored.

The teams:
Hublot (+6)

Fabio Acampora (0)
Paolo Santambrogio (+2)
Fernando Rivera (+3)
Renato Bolongaro (+1)

Zurich (+5)
Massimo Baggi (0)
Franco Piazza (+2)
Julio Coria (+4)
Michele Cattadori (-1)

Elite / Svizzera Turismo (+4)
Luca Frontini (-1)
Davide Dondena (0)
Vincenzo Tortorici (+1)
Juani Gonzales (+4)

Swiss International AirLines (+6)
Giacomo Galantino (+1)
Davide Nanni (+1)
Sebastian Bernandez (+2)
Alberto Galantino (+2)

El Porteño (+4)
Gif Turati (0)
Oscar Carona (+2)
Martin Juachin (+3)
Alessandro Balestino (-1)


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