Susi Rosenkranz, Yamila Ruano, Maddy Meacher and Rosario Balmaceda of team Hands Off are the winners of the Copa Las Hermanas 2014. The foursome won against Alison Clark, Hanna Hyojeon, Lauri Moyano and Cande F. Llorente of team Longdole with a commanding lead of 6-2.

Claudia Pistarini, Yoanna Otto, Sofi Pucci and Vero Magnasco of team Lovelocks were placed third. The foursome defeated team El Remanso, consisting of Kiki Severn, Gabriela Benoit, Defli Cavanagh and Luli Podesta, by 5-3 in the subsidiary final.

Maddy Meacher was honoured Most Valuable Player.

The Copa Las Hermanas has been held since 2007 at El Remanso Polo Club and now is one of the most popular ladies tournaments. El Remanso Polo Club, owned by Christopher and Bridget Hanbury, is located in the south west of Buenos Aires, right in the middle of the polo heart of Argentina. Four pitches and stables for 80 horses are on hand. The El Remanso High Goal team has already been hugely successful in Argentina and England.

1. Hands Off

Susi Rosenkranz
Yamila Ruano
Maddy Meacher
Rosario Balmaceda

2. Longdole
Alison Clark
Hanna Hyojeon
Lauri Moyano
Cande F. Llorente

3. Lovelocks
Claudia Pistarini
Yoanna Otto
Sofi Pucci
Vero Magnasco

4. El Remanso
Kiki Severn
Gabriela Benoit
Defli Cavanagh
Luli Podesta