From 14th to 18th May, for the eight time six teams fought for the Copa del Rey in Puerto Morelos at the Mexican Riviera Maya. The matches were characterised by a strong fighting spirit and a great desire to win. According to that the chukkas were highly competitive. In the end Francisco Granados, Diego Aguilar, Gabriel Li and Fico Uribe of team Elite Residences were successful and left the field as winners. The event was organised by El Rey Polo Country Club.

The standings:
1. Elite Residences

Francisco Granados
Diego Aguilar
Gabriel Li
Fico Uribe

2. Now Resorts
Gustavo Galvan
Ignacio Estrada
Jesus Solorzano
Juan Francisco Sanchez

3. Hard Rock Hotel
Luis Vizcaino
Toño Madrazo
Alex Verdayes / A. De Souza
Diego Velarde

4. Bamboo Nutra
Miguel Gomez de Parada
Weston Gracida
Carlos Carrillo Castillo
Roberto Waterson

5. In Riviera
Carlos Hernandez
Tono Puga
Erick Cornejo Velo
Luis Enriquez

6. Lemmus
Manolo Calvo
Gonzalo Novilo Corvalan
M A Lemmus / Jeronimo Carreño
Jorge Molina