Mauro Bergonzoli is considered to be one of the most popular artists of today. Paintings, sculptures, frescos or fashion – the works of the Italian are being celebrated all over the world. With his new project Bergonzoli now is causing a sensation. In collaboration with Converse, the artist gives a new style, inspired by his incomparable work, to the famous shoes called “Chucks”.
Every shoe will be an individual item, because the owner’s name will be perpetuated on the tongue of the shoe. Furthermore there will be the signature of the maestro on the insides of the “All Star”. The collection is limited to a number of 100 pairs of shoes. Number “001” is already assigned to Jerôme Boateng, all further numbers from 002 to 100 remain up for grabs. Price for this unique collector’s item: 249 Euros.
Please send your orders to the email address (Please name size of shoe)
You will receive an acknowledgement email as well as a bill. As soon as you have transferred the amount your personal shoe will be produced and delivered.
For more information about Mauro Bergonzoli please visit