Under great public interest the second edition of City Polo Maastricht took place on the last weekend. For the tournament in the heart of the twon a arena polofield was built and numerous spectators came to see the matches. After an exiting final match the team Scapa/Vos with Michael Redding (+1) and Clement Delfosse (+4) became the proud winner of the City Maastricht Polo trophy, second place went to team Leon Martens with Jim Souren (+1) and Robert Watson (+5). A total of six teams with two players each took part in the tournament and fought for victory.

1. Scapa/Vos (+5)
Michael Redding (+1)
Clement Delfosse (+4)

2. Leon Martens (+6)
Jim Souren (+1)
Robert Watson (+5)

3. ING (+4)
Niels van der Hoeven (+1)
Jack Hyde (+3)

4. HSI (+7)
Jos Houben / Laurens Brouns (+1)
Chris Hyde (+6)

5. Grouwels (+4)
Jonathan Munro-Ford (+1)
Aki van Andel (+3)

6. Q-Park (+5)
Estelle Wagner (+1)
Patrick Maleitzke (+4)