South America

„La Catedral del Polo“ in Palermo

Ellerstina wins the Tortugas Open

Team Ellerstina with Facundo Pieres (+10), Nicolás Pieres (+9), Mariano Aguerre (+9) and Gonzalo Pieres (+10) won the Tortugas Open 2012. With a score of 12:11 the four player defeated La Dolfina,... » more
„La Catedral del Polo“ Palermo / Buenos Aires

New Schedule for the final of the Tortugas Open

The heavy rainfalls in Buenos Aires in the past few weeks were the reason why the final match of the Tortugas Open between Ellerstina and La Dolfina was delayed several times. Now the final is set on... » more
119th Campeonato Abierto Argentino

The schedule for the Argentine Open is set

The Asociación Argentina de Polo announced the schedule for the 119th Campeotano Abierto Argentino. The most conveted tournament in the world will take place from 17th of November to 8th of... » more
Presentation Hurlingham Open 2012

Hurlingham Open

After another postponement of the Tortugas Open the 119th Hurlingham Open, the second tournament of the Argentine Triple Crown, will start on Tuesday, the 23rd of October. After another postponement... » more

Final of the Tortugas Open again postponed

Adverse weather conditions in recent weeks in Buenos Aires has led to another postponement of the deciding match of the Tortugas Open between Ellerstina and La Dolfina, which will now be played on... » more
Bartolomé „Lolo“ Castagnola

New date for the final of the Tortugas Open

After the Tortugas Open tournament had to be postponed already twice due to heavy rainfalls, now a new date for the final stands firm. The six teams will compete on Wednesday the 17th of October for... » more
Bartolomé „Lolo“ Castagnola

The teams of the Argentine High-Goal-Season

While the polo season is slowly ending in Europe, it is starting in Argentina with the Tortugas Open, the Hurlingham Open and the Argentine Open. Breathtaking polo action, tactical finesse, fast... » more
48. Abierto del Jockey Club

Team La Aguada – Las Monjitas wins

The 48th champions of the Jockey Club Open are Lucas James (+8), Cristian Laprida (+8), Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr. (+9) and Alejandro Novillo Astrada (+8) of Team La Aguada – Las Monjitas. With a... » more

Match schedule for the Tortugas Open is set

Six teams with handicaps from +34 to +40 will fight for the first victory of the Argentine Triple Crown at the Tortugas Open from the 25th of September on. The first match will be played by team... » more

90 Años de la Asociación Argentina de Polo

Eight Teams with Argentine high scorers like +9-scorer Eduardi Novillo Astrada and Matías MacDonough (+8) are fighting for a place in the qualification tournament “90 Años de la Asociación... » more