Polo News

41. Torneo Internacional BMW de Polo

The golden blessing of Sotogrande

Victor Vargas (+1), Santiago Stirling (+3), Juan Martín Nero (+10) and Alejo Taranco (+6) of Team Lechuza Caracas are the winners of the Copa de Oro Nespresso in... » more
IX European Polo Championship

Polo EM – It begins!

After the saga around the location of the European Polo Championship, they will begin in two days at the Santa María Polo Club in the Spanish town of Sotogrande. Six nations – Germany, Spain,... » more
Russian Open 2012

Team Land Rover wins in Moscow

Alexis Rodzianko (-1), Misha Rodzianko (+2), Egor Zaostrovtsev (0) and Alejandro Traverso (+5) of team Land Rover are the winners of the Russian Open 2012. Team Moscow Polo Club with Hernan Traverso... » more
Monty Waterbury Cup 2012

Team Circa wins the Monty Waterbury Cup 2012

After thrilling chukkas at the Monty Waterbury Cup 2012 at the American Bridgehampton Polo Club Team Circa was able to save a very close lead to the victory. In the 20-goal finale the team met Team... » more
Coupe d´Argent 2012

Team Mungo wins at Coupe d´Argent

In a thrilling final fight for the Coupe d´Argent at the French Deauville International Polo Club Patrick Eisenchteter (0), Thibault Guillemin (+3), Luke Tomlinson (+8) and Mark Tomlinson (+6) of... » more

Start of the second half of the season in Peking

It has been a very humid summer in Peking so far - with the heaviest rainfall in 60 years. But finally better weather conditions are expected. Best pre-conditions for the second half of the season at... » more

Guardian Angel

The dramatic fall of Carl-Eugen Oettingen-Wallerstein was the reason for the worst fears at the Hamburg Polo Club on Sunday. In full gallop the rider wanted to pass the left goal pole but his horse... » more

Swiss red-hot battle

At the end of the finale of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup in Gstaad, Switzerland with hot summer temperatures high above 30°C, the teams Star Design and Hublot were facing a 9:9. The hard fought match... » more
Youpooly Polo Challenge Hamburg 2012

Hot Chukkas in Hamburg

Team Tom Tailor with Naomi Schröder (0), Ceaser Crasemann (0), Caspar Crasemann (+2) and Santos Anca (+6) won the Youpooly Polo Challenge 2012 against Team Youpooly with Carl-Eugen... » more
103. Bombardier Pacific Coast Open

High Goal Polo in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara High Goal Season: On the 19th of August 2012 the 103rd Pacific Coast Open in Santa Barbara, California has started. Four teams in the division up to +20 will play up to the 2nd of... » more