Easy Polo wins La Scolca Open de Gassin

Ten teams with goals from 12 up to 15 were fighting in Saint Tropez within ten days. The result: The team Easy Polo celebrates its 7th victory in 2011. Julian de Luzareta, Bautista Ortiz de Urbina,... » more

Polo De Deauville 2011

The Polo de Deauville Silver Cup already started on the 30th of July in Deauville and is ending on the 14th of August. Seven teams with goals from 12 up to 14 are fighting against each... » more

Team Herschel wins Jey Jey’s Cup

The results are confirmed: Team Herschel wins the Jey Jey’s Cup of the Saint-Tropez Polo Trophy 2011. With an obvious score of 4:1 Ruki Bailleu, Lyndon Lea, Gualtiero Giori and Nikita Maslova from... » more

Open de Gassin 2011

The Open de Gassin has already started on the 13th of July. The tournament is placed at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez de Gassin. Ten international teams are trying to win the tournament within nearly... » more

Easy Polo still undefeated in 2011

Two winners - two tournaments: This year the Polo Club Saint–Tropez has celebrated its 13th birthday with a lot of chukkas. Seven international teams with goals from 6 to 8 were fighting more than... » more

Easy Polo team: unstoppable

The Pentecost tournament took place between the 10th and 13th of June 2011. The event was hosted by the Polo Club Saint-Tropez de Gassin. Six international teams with goals from 6-8 and 0-4 were... » more

Team Mate wins the Argentina Cup

On June 5th, the Argentine Embassy in Moscow hosted the Argentina Polo Cup 2011 at the Moscow Polo Club. Four hundred guests witnessed the semi final and final matches of the tournament in beautiful... » more

Ultra Pro wins the Easter tournament in Saint-Tropez

This year, the new-comers won the Easter Cup. The German team Ultra Pro makes its mark during its 1st visit in a competition at the Polo Club Saint-Tropez before the Pakistani team F Polo Team (2nd)... » more

Moscow Polo Club 2011

Moscow Polo Club has just released details of their 2011 season, which gets underway on the 14th May. The two major tournaments will once again be the Russian Open on the 21-22nd August and the... » more

Russian Open declared a draw between Land Rover and Ahmad Tea

Sunday 29th August 2010 saw the Finals of the Russian Polo Open, held at the Moscow Polo Club in Tseleevo, 45 kms from Moscow. Sponsored by Land Rover, Beluga Vodka and Ahmad Tea, the event was... » more