Active Polo autumn in Nine Dragons Hill Polo Club near Shanghai

Dr. Cinderella von Dungern, 5. November 2021 Being the first international club in modern polo in China, the famous “Nine Dragon Hill Polo Club (NDH)” is well-known in international polo and... » more

Hesketh Polo Wins the Ladies Charity Cup For the Third Year

Narrow win for Hesketh Polo, ending the game with a half goal lead against Lionesses Polo. 29 October 2021, Dubai, UAE: The third edition of the Ladies Charity Cup, held in association with Al Jalila... » more

Tianjin VIP Member Polo Weekend in China

Dr. Cinderella von Dungern, 19. October 2021 Tianjin is a second tier, coastal municipality in Northern China, around one hour car drive east from Beijing on the shore of the Bohai Sea. With a... » more

Polo in China is getting back: Tang Polo Club China hosted the JJ International Launch Tournament in Anping

By Dr. Cinderella von Dungern September 13th, 2021 In ancient China, polo originated 2,000 years ago in the East Han Dynasty (207BC-AD25) when the traditional name for the game was “jiju” and... » more

Contemporary Art Exhibition Louvre Abu Dhabi Art

INTERNATIONAL JURY PANEL FOR LOUVRE ABU DHABI ART HERE 2021 AND THE RICHARD MILLE ART PRIZE UNVEILED • Comprising esteemed art experts from around the world, the jury will select the artists to be... » more

Ankora Polo Ends the Season with a Victory at the AHPRC League 2021

30 April 2021, Dubai, UAE: The last tournament of the Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club‘s polo calendar ended with a runaway win for the Ankora Polo against Hesketh Polo team. The tournament final... » more

Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club Honors Top Performing Players and Teams

24 April 2021, Dubai, UAE: The Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club hosted its first End of Season Polo Awards 2021 in Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Hotel and recognized the exemplary display of athleticism... » more

Defending Champion Habtoor Polo Tops the Dubai Cup 2021 Tournament

14 April 2021, Dubai, UAE: Habtoor Polo team claimed the last trophy of the Dubai Polo Gold Cup Series for the fourth year as it smashed the competition – Ankora/Dr. A Polo team and closed... » more

Strong Finish for Ankora – Dr. A Polo and Habtoor Polo Teams

11 April 2021, Dubai, UAE: The last of the qualifying matches for the Dubai Cup 2021 concluded with a win for Ankora – Dr. A and Habtoor Polo teams. It was a slow first chukker... » more

El Basha Polo and AM Polo Teams Emerge Victorious at the Dubai Cup 2021 Qualifiers

9 April 2021, Dubai, UAE: The first match of the afternoon was between El Basha and Dubai IMMO teams with Juanji Diaz Alberdi scoring the first goal from 60 yards. Justo Cuitino took El Basha... » more