Polo Series Videos

Polo Series Videos: Polo Rules Course in English no. 1

Ignacio Fernández Llorente is one of the most recognized faces at polo tournaments and a member of one of the prestigious Argentinian polo... » more
Compact Polo Course Hamburg

Compact Polo Course at WIN Poloschule in Hamburg

Fancy taking up the sport of polo, or just perfecting your swing? Thomas Winter’s WIN Poloschule, which is based at the Hamburger Polo Gestüt is the place to come. They offer a wide range of... » more
Argentine Open World Polo Tour

The Best Polo in the World

The World Polo Tour is the international ranking of polo players. In 2014, there is a total of 54 tournaments taking place all around the world, where players can collect points. POLO+10 explains how... » more

A polo field is a polo field

For more than 35 years, Battro Polo Fields has built the best polo fields in the world. Over 500 polo fields in more than 27 countries were created by the experienced agricultural engineers,... » more

The end of the glory days

Are polo’s glory days over? Have highest echelons of the game lost their way? Have the new rules made it boring, arbitrary and commercial? Chris Ashton reviews Javier Tanoira‘s “Reflections on... » more
La Catedral del Polo Palermo Buenos Aires

Palermo – The Mecca of The Sport of Polo

Palermo. Not Sicily, but rather a district in the city of Buenos Aires. It is here that the Club Hipico Militar is located. Of two fields, field one is known affectionately as “The Cathedral” to... » more
Effective use of taping in the sport of polo

Effective use of taping in the sport of polo

We know about taping in sport since the 2012 European Football Championship at the latest. The muscles maximum tense, with a stony look – the posture of Mario Balotelli in the semi-final against... » more
International Polo Academy: Hit Outs and Possession

Hit Outs and Possession

Each month they will be providing POLO+10 with an article based on game tactics with the use of statistics to back up their assumptions. This month’s area of focus is hit outs and... » more
International Polo Academy (IPA)

The stats behind throw-ins

From now on the International Polo Academy (IPA) provides POLO+10 as its new partner each month with a lot of polo know-how based on a variety of topics including game tactics with the use of... » more
Snow Polo History

Snow Polo History

Polo has been played on snow and ice for over a quarter of a century. How did the idea come about, and when? Where is snow polo played? POLO+10 has compiled a chronology of the white... » more