High temperatures and high-level performance

By Dr med vet Lena Horn, veterinary adviser at the POLO+10 team. It is hot outside and not only the players suffer, but also the pony’s metabolism is vulnerable to high outside temperatures. In... » more
La Dolfina Sancor Seguros Polo Team

The Argentine Open – numbers and statistics

By winning the title of the 2016 Argentine Open, La Dolfina won the final of the most important polo tournament in the world for the fourth successive time. Below we present you all current numbers... » more
In 2014, Ireland was placed second in Chantilly (France).

Polo European Championship: Hall of Fame

The Polo European Championship has been held ten times until now. Who are the most successful nations? In which countries were the title bouts held? All facts and figures regarding the European... » more
Working polo holidays

The smart alternative

The development of university polo has meant that the sport is now accessed by more young people in the UK than ever before. Many students who previously didn’t have the chance to play can now join... » more
Angela Walker Polo Player

Optimise your energy!

Angela Walker, nutritionist and member of the Ibiza Polo Club, gives handy tips to the POLO+10 readers how to get the best from themselves on the polo field. Check it... » more
Hurlingham Polo Association Rules & Regulations 2016

HPA announce worldwide unified polo rules

It seems as the controversy regarding unified polo rules between the three big polo nations Argentina, Great Britain and the US, which has lasted over the past decades, has finally been settled. The... » more
POLO+10: polo statistics

Polo in numbers

Argentina, USA and Europe are the big polo nations. More than half of all clubs and players can be found here. But what about the other countries? And how many clubs and players can be found... » more
Valartis Bank Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel Münichauer Wiese

Perfectionism paired with flexibility and long-term experience

For more than 20 years, Steinbach Alpin has prepared ski slopes for the Olympic Winter Games, World Cups and all other important snow and winter venues all over the world. In 2016, Steinbach Alpin is... » more
Types of polo

Types of Polo

Polo is not just played on grass, but also on sand, snow and in arenas. And there are even more versions of polo than these. POLO+10 explains the most important differences and gives an overview of... » more

The Polo Handicap

In polo, every player is awarded an individual handicap depending on performance. Handicap commissions of the national associations meet several times a year to decide players’ handicaps. There is... » more