White Birch and Airstream faced off on Thursday, July 23rd at Greenwich Polo Club in the final match of the Butler Handicap. Airstream was a fierce opponent, but it was White Birch that came onto the field with a mission to win. White Birch put 3 goals on the score board right away. They scored 5 more goals before they faced a counter attack by Airstream’s Guillermo Agüero in the second chukka. By half time White Birch was up 10-4, but Airstream refused to give up. Both teams kept elevating their games and the match ended in White Birch’s favor, 16-9.

Airstream’s Guillermo Agüero scored 4 goals and Michel Dorignac scored 4 goals for Airstream (they had one goal added to the scoreboard for the difference in handicaps). White Birch’s Mariano Aguerre scored 6 goals. Horace A. Laffaye, polo historian, was present to offer the finalists and winning trophies to the teams. Mariono Aguree of White Birch was named Most Valuable Player. Hilario Ulloa’s charcoal black stallion Machitos Mesquite was awarded as Best Playing Pony.

Mariano Aguerre, winning team White Birch: “It is an honor to have a tournament of this level in the Northeast of the United States, with the history and tradition that the Butler Handicap has. The team played very well, it was without a doubt, the best match of the season for White Birch.”