On 19-20 September 2015, the Polo & Country Fair was played at Polo Club Midden-Nederland. The past weeks were as rainy as ever and it was only just dry Saturday afternoon and Sunday, which resulted in a large audience to show up.

Six teams with players from Holland, Germany and Argentina made the best of playing on a soft field and actually played some exiting matches with surprising winners. Umpire César Ruiz Guiñazú directed the matches professionally.

Team Bodegas Salentein, including Patrick Maass (-1), Thomas Grau (-1), Juan Correa (+2) and Alexander Piltz (+1), became winner of the tournament. Team NederlandFM, consisting of Jim Souren (+1), Hector Monserrat (+3), Martijn van Scherpenzeel (+1) as well as Melanie and Willem Immink (-1) sharing one position, was placed second. Third position went to Team Rabobank with Maarten Hulsman (0), Brenda de Boer (0), Juan Medina (+3) and Armand van Eeken (0).

Polo Club Midden-Nederland was founded only two years ago and since then has become a very active location for low-goal polo in Europe. Next season foreign teams and players are welcome to visit the beautiful countryside of Holland again!

#1 Bodegas Salentein (+1)

Patrick Maass (-1)
Thomas Grau (-1)
Juan Correa (+2)
Alexander Piltz (+1)

#2 NederlandFM (+4)
Jim Souren (+1)
Melanie / Willem Immink (-1)
Hector Monserrat (+3)
Martijn van Scherpenzeel (+1)

#3 Rabobank (+3)
Maarten Hulsman (0)
Brenda de Boer (0)
Juan Medina (+3)
Armand van Eeken (0)

#4 H3 Polo Passion-GroB Aircraft (+2)
Julia Hiebeler (-1)
Andre Hiebeler (-2)
Federico Rooney (+4)
Pascal Zantman (+1)

#5 Van Santen Netwerk (+2)
Erwin Schroevers (0)
Junior Beyleveldt (0)
Rainier Beyleveldt (0)
Papo Ballester (+2)

#6 Land Rover (+3)
Aki van Andel (+2)
Maurice van Druten (+2)
Mathieu van Delden (0)
Matu van Delden (-1)

For more information about Polo Club Midden-Nederland please visit: poloclubmiddennederland.nl