The beach has made the Italian town of Lignano popular since the early 19th century. Eight kilometers of coast covered by golden sand – an endless beach in the Adriatic Sea. And since Easter weekend 2012 it is official: The sandy beach of Lignano is a great place for polo.
Because of the hard work of the initiator Dr. Uwe Seebacher, CEO of A Quechua and USP International, Sylvia Strumpler, Philipp Krumpertz, and Stefan Coszma had the chance to feel the sand under the feet of their ponies during the three-day test match. “It was really great and the trip was worthwhile,” praised Stefan Coszma. Sylvia Strumpler was also excited, “It was really fun – the ride on the wonderful beach was an experience I will never forget.”
With an official allowance from the township of Lignano Sabbiadoro and under the watch of the Mayor and the director of tourism Carlo Teghil the pilot project began. The premiere directly on the Terrazza Mare is planned for Easter 2013. Uwe Seebacher: “The beach is the perfect place to show the fast sport of polo and the Italians are excited about horses and polo!”