Team Cadillac is the winner of the 2015 edition of the Beach Polo Cup Dubai (BPCD), which was held at the Skydive Dubai stadium. In a spectacular final, Tariq Albwardy, Sam Instone and Matías Machado defeated last year’s returning champions Team VistaJet and Bombardier, consisting of Rashid Albwardy, Jan Bladen and Martín Valent, by 13-9 and won the coveted trophy.

Team Cadillac had a great start taking a quick lead by 4-0 in the first chukka, with Matías Machado “on fire” and Tarik Albwardy and Sam Instone making great team work. Team VistaJet and Bombardier reacted strongly in the third chukka and managed to close the gap in the score. A battling Martín Valent with the aim of Rashid Albwardy put Team VistaJet and Bombardier back in the game. But in the last chukka, Machado´s talent appeared again in the match to give Team Cadillac the victory by 13-9 and the 2015 edition of the Beach Polo Cup Dubai championship title.

Matías Machado of Team Cadillac, Argentinian professional player, was the MVP of the tournament.