Bartolomé “Lolo” Castagnola (+9), repetitive winner of the Argentine Open and founder of the La Natividad Polo Team, has announced his retirement from the Argentine Triple Crown.

Since 1995, Castagnola had been present at the Argentine Open in Palermo on a regular basis. He has won the most coveted polo trophy in the world seven times: five times he won the title playing for La Dolfina and two times he gained the cup wearing Ellerstina’s shirt. This year Lolo and his team La Natividad were not successful at the Qualifying Tournament and thus were not allowed to participate in the Hurlingham and the Argentine Open.

Though Lolo will not participate anymore in the three most important tournaments in the world, he will not completely turn his back on the Argentine Triple Crown: for a long time, Castagnola has been also breeding horses and in the future he wants to provide the La Natividad Polo Team, founded by him in 2012, with his horses. And we will also see him on horseback at various tournaments in Argentina.