Max Kirchoff, Cristan Chaves, David Ashby and Richard Dean of team Snakebite triumphed at the Barbados Open after two weeks full of exciting polo matches. In the final the foursome defeated team Rubis with Stewart Gill, Roddy Williams, Oliver Williams und Oliver Taylor by 6-4.

From March 13th to 23rd seven teams competed against each other. Polo players from all over the world came to the Caribbean island and participated in the Barbados Open. The tournament is one of the most popular tournaments on the island.

The teams
Sir Charles Williams
Jamie Dickson
Pablo Crespin
Jeff Evelyn
Silver Point/Chester Polo
Damian Luke
Mike Henderson
Jonny Coddington
Richard Thomas
Gary Shepherd
Lanto Sheridan
Nico Roberts
Lucas Nicalao
Max Kirchoff
Cristan Chaves
David Ashby
Richard Dean
Wayne Archer
Richard Gooding
Marc Atwell
Alex Cole
Range Rover
Rhys Odle
Philip Tempro
Salvador Dugan
Danny Atwell
Stewart Gill
Roddy Williams
Oliver Williams
Oliver Taylor