29 January 2021, Dubai, UAE: The fifth day of the IFZA Silver Cup 2021 qualifiers was a victorious day for Bangash Polo team as it smashed the competition and closed the game at 11 goals to 7.5.

Haider Bangash, the team‘s patron, delivered the opening goal followed by another from Benjamin Panelo. IFZA-Mahra Polo team level the game with a goal from Ricardo Garros*, penalty shot from Isidro Strada and an excellent pass that allowed Segundo Amadori to score. Benja‘s created a massive 7.5 goal advantage for Bangash Polo during the next two chukkers. IFZA-Mahra Polo rushed to close in on Bangash Polo team at the last chukker. But the gap in scores was enough to secure Bangash Polo team its second win in the tournament.

Match Progression:  2 – 0.5 | 4 – 3.5 | 7 – 3.5 | 11 – 3.5 | 7 – 3.5
Top scorer:  Benjamin Panelo, 9 goals

The last qualifying matches of the IFZA Silver Cup 2021 are scheduled on the 30th of January, Field 3 with a game between Zedan Polo and UAE Polo teams at 14:00 followed by Habtoor Polo against Dubai Wolves by CAFU at 16:00. Catch the action live or watch it online on Pololine TV’s livestream.

* Jacinto Amadori replacement due to injury (day 4 match) – Ricardo Garros (+5)

* Segundo Amadori replacement due to injury (day 5 match)- Tuki Guinazu (+4)

Images: © Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club