For the eighth time the best players and lady players, teams and patrons of the world will be honored with the Audi Polo Award in seven categories. The gala will take place on 20th of May at Coworth Park, Ascot.

The Nominees:
The Most Outstanding High Goal Team
El Remanso
Ellerston/ Ayala
The Royal Salute Most Outstanding High Goal Patron
Ahmad Aboughazale (+1)
Rashid Albwardy (+2)
Nick Clarke (0)
Adrian Kirby (+1)
Jerome Wirth (+1)
The Most Outstanding High Handicap Player (+8 to +10)
Adolfo Cambiaso (+10)
John Paul Clarkin (+8)
Gonzalito Pieres (+10)
Polito Pieres (+8)
Pelon Stirling (+9)
The Most Outstanding Medium Handicap Player (+4 to +7)
Marcos Araya (+6)
Francisco Elizalde (+6)
Jaime Huidobro (+7)
Facundo Sola (+7)
Guillermo Terrera (+7)
The Avios Most Promising Player (0 to +3)
George Hanbury (+2)
Alastair Paterson (+1)
Matt Perry (+3)
Charlie Walton (0)
Alec White (+2)
The Audi Most Outstanding British Professional
James Beim (+7)
Max Charlton (+5)
Jack Richardson (+4)
Luke Tomlinson (+7)
Mark Tomlinson (+6)
The Most Outstanding Lady Player
Nina Clarkin (+4)
Claire Donnelly (+1)
Izzy Parsons (+2)
Lia Salvo (+2)
Sarah Wiseman (+2)