Right now for polo enthusiasts there is only one place to be – Buenos Aires. POLO+10 went to Argentina to report on the most important tournament in the world, the Argentine Open, and to meet friends and establish new contacts.

Yesterday the POLO+10 team went to the Catedral del Polo, in Palermo, to meet the Executive Director of the Argentine Polo Association (AAP), Mauricio Fernández Funes, and received a very warm welcome. Together with the Institutional Relations manager, Max Fernández Funes and the Head Journalist, Javier Fígoli, we established strong and friendly bonds with the AAP. Moreover we outlined plans to keep this friendship flowing and growing in the future. Both parties were very happy and contented meeting each other.

On the side of organizing the biggest tournament worldwide, and of congregating the biggest polo superstars, the Argentine Polo Association also runs their own magazine, Centauros, which is growing steadily. The trophy vitrine that the AAP has in display is most impressive: Polo history of the highest standards possible at a glance.

Many thanks to Mauricio Fernández Funes, Max Fernández Funes and Javier Fígoli for the positive feedback! The compliments about our publication from one of the most important polo associations worldwide made us feel very proud!