For three years polo is played at the former airport of Ascona (on the Swiss north coast of Lago Maggiore). Together with friends and partners Uwe Zimmermann created a polo location offering unequalled opportunities in Europe. POLO+10 produced 2012 for the first time an 80 paged tournament magazine for this tournament and was on the ground in person. Conclusion: A sporty really attractive, likeable and atmospheric charming event with top-class guests, realized sensationally by Nicola Pandiscia (Events Designer, Lugano).
With 15:12 goals Team Julis Bär with the Argentine +6-scorer Bautista Uriba, Andreas Knapp-Voith (-1) and Alex Figueras (+2) won the 3rd Ascona Polo Cup against Team Andermatt Swiss Alps with Lucas Labat (+6), Dr. Piero Dillier (0) as well as Uwe and Philipp (nice goal!) Zimmermann (+1/-1). With nearly acrobatic ball actions and remarkable horses the two Argentines Uribar and Labat were fighting neck and neck. Finally 28-year-old Uriba – playing mostly at St. Tropez in the European polo summer and being a student of the famous Heguy-Brothers – was unstoppable.
After leading clearly Team Styger & Partner with +5-scorer Micky Lagos and the Swiss Dr. Thomas Wolfensberger (+1) as well as the Swiss Stefan Roth (+1) won the third price with a close 10:9.
The inhabitants of Hamburg Dr. Diedrich and Moritz Haesen (0/+1) as well as an up-to-the-end fighting and well-playing Adrian Laplacette (+5) made the fourth place.
An up to the details lovely arranged and successful polo experience and an excited audience – Congratulations and see you next year at Ascona!

1. Julius Bär (+7)
Andreas Knapp-Voith (-1)
Alex Figueras (+2)
Bautista Uriba (+6)
2. Andermatt Swiss Alps (+6)
Uwe Zimmermann (+1)
Philipp Zimmermann (-1)
Dr. Piero Dillier (0)
Lucas Labat (+6)
3. Styger & Partner (+7)
Dr. Thomas Wolfensberger (+1)
Stefan Roth (+1)
Micky Lagos (+5)
4. Bentley – Giardino Group (+6)
Dr. Dietrich Haesen (0)
Mortiz Haesen (+1)
Adrian Laplacette (+5)

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