Four tournaments are part of the eighth 2013 Argentina Polo Tour. This year the tournaments Palermo, La Dolfina, Centauros and Ellerstina are part of the tour.
Last Wednesday the tournament at the Catedral del Polo in Palermo has been started. Here eight teams with handicaps up to +16 will play up to the 9th of March. Until now the teams La Natividad and Cabreuva took the lead with two victories – followed by the teams Los Cocos and Tom Tailor with one victory.
In due to heavy rains, all matches on Saturday had to be postphoned. The matches will be played today when Tom Tailor will be facing Hope Funds and Los Cocos will be playing against Chapelco.

The Teams:
Group A
Hope Funds (+16)
Matías Venier (0)
Enrique Blaksley (+3)
Bautista Ortiz de Urbina (+5)
Horacio Heguy (+8)
Chapelco (+16)
Jota Adrogue (+1)
Manuel Ghio (+2)
Juan Curbelo (+6)
Diego Araya (+7)
Tom Tailor (+16)
Uwe Schröder (0)
Gastón Maíquez (+6)
Santos Anca (+5)
Santiago Marambio (+5)
Los Cocos (+16)
Toto Zubillaga (0)
Pipe Llorente (+3)
Ioco Lalor (+6)
Diego Cavanagh (+7)
Group B
Lovelocks Polo Stud (+16)
Charlie Hanbury (+5)
Will White (+3)
Brad Mallet (+4)
Adrian Laplacette (+4)
Ellerstina (+16)
Hana Grill (0)
Victoria Monteverde (+3)
Tomás Pieres
Clemente Zavaleta (+6)
Cabreuva (+16)
Ricardo Portugal (0)
Cali Farinati (+6)
Martín Aguerre (+5)
Juan Martin Obregon (+5)
La Natividad (+16)
Gastón Giovanelli (0)
Eulogio Olariaga (+4)
Guillermo Caset (+3)
Lolo Gastagnola (+9)

The tournaments of 2013 Argentina Polo Tour:

tournament date
Palermo 26.02. bis 09.03.
La Dolfina 12.03. bis 23.03.
Centauros 26.03. bis 06.04.
Ellerstina 09.04. bis 20.04.