Team Villa Rubinstein 5 star Hotel, including Marek Setkiewicz (0) and Jakub Czekaj (+1), is the winner of the 5 star Villa Rubinstein Arena Cup, held at the Olympic Equestrian Center in Zakrzów, a city located in South Poland.

Five teams participated in the three-day event, which was organised by Silesia Polo Club. Commentator Jan-Erik Franck entertained the audience by explaining the action taking place in the arena. Umpire was Octavia Campbell-Davys.

Team Danube Polo Club Slovakia consisting of Ladislav Agardi (+1) and Alexandra Bencikova (-1) was placed second. Third place went to Mix Team Kofax 2 / Noe Polo Club, including Marta Mirka (0) and Zdenek Soula (-1).

#1 Villa Rubinstein 5 star Hotel (+1)
Marek Setkiewicz (0)
Jakub Czekaj (+1)
Reserve Player: Piotr Kołodziej (-1)

#2 Team Danube Polo Club Slovakia (0)
Ladislav Agardi (+1)
Alexandra Bencikova (-1)

#3 Mix Team Kofax 2 / Noe Polo Club (-1)
Marta Mirka (0)
Zdenek Soula (-1)

#4 Team Noe Polo Club Czech Republic (-1)
Marek Polan (0)
Lenka Polan (-1) / Daniel Zachoval (-1) / Rene Lelek (-1)

#5 Team Polo Online Shop (-1)
Tomasz Setkiewicz (0)
Tadeusz Wojnar (-1)

Further information about Silesia Polo Club can be found here