Every year The All England Polo Club Hickstead crew comes to the island shores of Barbados to play polo against the Apes Hill Polo Club. This year’s fifth edition of the Hickstead Tour was held from 7th to 12th April 2015 at Apes Hill.

John Bunn, Bobby Dundas, Steve Rigby, Louisa Watt and Jake Rigby spent 10 days on the beautiful island of Barbados competing against Apes Hill Polo Clubs best. The 10 days of matches started out with the Annual April Fools Polo Challenge. The real tour started on 7th April and showed some great polo and some close wins.

By the end of the week, Hickstead had won three out of four matches and was in the lead by 3-1. The final match took place on 12th April and was won by Apes Hill in the last 10 seconds of the game, but this could not change the fact that The All England Polo Club won the Tour.