The Boca Juniors Polo Team with Adolfo Cambiaso, Ernesto Gutiérrez, Fernando Pigni and Benjamin Araya won the central match of the seventh edition of the Charity Polo Cup and defeated the Corinthians Polo Team with Calao Mello, Gustavo Ribeiro García, Felipe Rodriguez and Rodrigo Pinheiro by 9-8. The tournament took place at the La Ensenada Polo Club in Luján, a city in the Buenos Aires province of Argentina.
This 7th Charity Polo Cup was held in aid of the Asociación Sueños y Esperanzas, UNICEF and Boca Social. Numerous spectators enjoyed an evening of pure sun, sports and entertainment and at sundown a spectacular show of fireworks and a music festival took place. Present were Ambassador of China Mr. Yin Hengmin and Acting Ambassador of Spain Pedro Serrano Sanz.

The teams:
Boca Juniors Polo Team
Adolfo Cambiaso
Ernesto Gutiérrez
Fernando Pigni
Benjamin Araya
Corinthians Polo Team
Calao Mello
Gustavo Ribeiro García
Felipe Rodriguez
Rodrigo Pinheiro
La Ensenada
Ernesto Gutiérrez
Fernando Pigni
Francisco Vismara
Javier Pasman
Hope Funds
Esteban Grandval
Hernán Agote
Ignacio Azumedi
Enrique Blaksley