From the 28th to the 30th of April 2012, the 2nd International A Quechua Arena Polo Challenge will be held in Wels, Austria. The tournament, with four participating teams, will take place in part with the “Pferd Wels” one of the largest and most important riding-sport conferences in the world.

The Teams:
PC Landsberg (-1, A)
Joe Reinhard (0)
Christiane Ultes (-1)
PC Danube (-2, CZ/SK)
Ladislav Agárdi (0)
Pavel Ivanel (-1)
Andrea Stanislova (-1)
PC Fiorina Verona (-2, I)
Sylvia Strumpler (-1)
Marc Gutmann (0)
Dr. Philipp Kramshoff (-1)
A Quechua Graz Austria (-1)
Uwe Seebacher (0)
Andreas Zorn (-1)