At the two forthcoming weekends the Polo Club Saint-Tropez – Haras de Gassin is going to celebrate its foundation in the year 1998 with the “15th Anniversary Tournament”. Four Teams will be competing against each other from June 1st to June 2nd and from June 8th to June 9th. The tournament is prelude to the season at the Polo Club, which is located at the Côte d’Azur. The Polo Club Saint-Tropez – Haras de Gassin ranks among the biggest und best polo clubs in France and is media partner of POLO+10.

The Teams:
Lion’s Polo Team (+12)
Pierre Beylat (0)
Juan Pedro Giurou (+3)
Matias Nigoul (+4)
S Novillo Astrada (+5)
Pink Energy (+12)
Andreas Knapp-Voith (0)
Luis Ortiz de Urbina (+3)
Bautista Ortiz de Urbina (+6)
Los Pollos (+11)
Piero Dillier (0)
Lucas F. (+1)
Justin Gaunt (+4)
Lucas Labat (+6)
St-Tropez/Dark Ice (+12)
Corinne Schuler (0)
Helen Goddard-Watts (0)
Gonzalo von Wernich (+7)
J.M. Garcia Laborde (+5)